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Bartlett High School’s MASHuP Day a Great Success

By Janet Stoica

With the dedicated staff and administration in the Webster School System, all students are in the right place at the right time. Shooting for the stars seems like it’s there for the taking! 
Bartlett High School introduced the Pathways Program to its student population two years ago and the momentum this program has shown is truly exciting and rewarding to the students and their instructors. Pathways Program students have exclusive access to a variety of recognition opportunities including college credit, scholarships, preferred admission at colleges and universities, internships, apprenticeships, and other avenues to highlight their unique skills according to the Program Coordinator Michele Bigelow. Courses offered include Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare and Social Assistance, Marketing, Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences.
On November 2, Bartlett student tour guides who are in the Pathways Program introduced 150 Webster Middle School students to the Pathways Program courses holding a MASHuP Day according to Ms. Bigelow. BHS tour guides led six groups of 25 students from the 8th grade to different stations. “The students were able to participate in hands-on activities that included Marketing Challenges, Virtual Reality Experiences presented by their partner BV Hub, Clawbot Challenges, and Microscope Tasks. Tour guides included Joe Owusu, Htwa Peh, Natalee Kelly, Lilian Grenier, Isabelle Rodrigues, and Isaiah Zayas. The guides were excellent in their presentation skills,” stated Ms. Bigelow.
Student Facilitators were Ayden Heenan, Peter Lavache, Muhammad Aslam, Haideeliz Martinez, Adam Phillips, Kwadwo Agyemang, Aarilyn Artey, Anthony Lopez, Angel Marin Caceres, Hung Tran, Talyn Inthavongsa, Nathan Cole, Eryk Piwowarczyk, Wynter Cady, Tiffany Oppong, Hope Cooper, Dakota Vandreuil, Savannah Bjork, Georgia LaPierre, Leximee Phanthavong, Cayleb Mercure, Reece LeBeau, Dylan Polen, Neil Duszlak, Dan Mcihargey, Desirae Boma, Jared Fallas, Naomie Orelien, Isabella Richards, and Deijah Delgado. 
Teacher Facilitators consisted of Dane Laboissonniere, Ben Jenness, Michele Bigelow, Jocelyn Young (BV Hub), Jessica Burokas, Artur Duque, and Matt Traina.
“It was our best MASHuP yet!” said Ms. Bigelow, “everyone was geared up for learning what the new courses were about and our facilitators and tour guides were just the best. It’s exciting to see the level of enthusiasm for these advanced learning courses. We are very proud of all our participants.”
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