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Art Glass Studio breathes new life into Providence Rd. building

By Rod Lee

The one-story building on Providence Road just south of the traffic light at Plummer’s Corner in Whitinsville has been a hit-or-miss proposition for business since Harry and Terry Ampagoomian’s Linwood Garden Center closed years ago.

It has been home to Northbridge Community Cable Television. It has sat empty. Recently, however, it became “Barbara Connors’ Art Glass Studio.” Now, for the first time in a while, 835... Read More

2020 Call for Grant Applications

Janet Malser Humanities Trust: dealine April 1

The Janet Malser Humanities Trust is now accepting applications for the 2020 grant cycle. Ms. Malser set up the charitable Trust in order to support the arts and humanities, community service and conservation in the towns of Dudley, Oxford, and Webster, MA.

The causes for which funding... Read More

Winter’s track is beyond your window

What was that New Year’s resolution? Grab your hat, mittens; let’s go!

By Sandy Quadros Bowles

The couch can be a tempting place to spend the cold winter.

But there’s plenty to see and enjoy in central Massachusetts beyond the comforts of your living room.

Wildlife viewing should not be limited to warmer weather, nature enthusiasts advise. All four seasons offer the chance to observe, says Viola Bramel, park ranger at West Hill Dam in Uxbridge.

Winter brings its own serene beauty, Ms... Read More

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