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The Yankee Express

Prestige Salon crew undertakes a humbling mission

Good Friday took on an even more special meaning this year for Lorri Ducharme of Prestige Salon and Day Spa.
Here is how she describes what happened.
“Myself, my husband and two of my employees, Amber Antonopoulos and Savannah LaBranche, travled to Columbia, South Carolina to volunteer our time and services for an amazing event that serves a meal and foot washing along with palliative foot care to almost three hundred homeless and less fortunate individuals.
“We drove nine hundred miles early Thursday morning.
“There were many roles for volunteers to fill that day.
“Our day started with setting up bags of breakfast items, fruit and drinks. Tables were arranged for runners to bring over basins of fresh water. Individuals were checked in and their name was written on a card.
“They were seated and had their feet washing with items in their care bag (Castile soap, nail clippers, nail files, foot care foam, bandaids, antibiotic cream and a small towel).
“Nails were trimmed and smoothed, foot foam applied to their feet.
“If any anomalies were visible they were sent over to the seven nail techs who are medically trained to address things like corns, callouses, thickened toenails and much more.
“They were given a new pair of Bombas socks and a City Pack backpack with toiletries.
“The individual who started this nonprofit is Donna Muszynski. She pairs with a local Christ Ministry to use their church hall for the event. This is her tenth year of organizing it and our second time attending.
“Before the doors open Donna shares a brief prayer. Blood was shed for our sins, so that we can be a vessel of His love through service. Our hands provide care for the homeless, they are our instruments. It’s a reminder that he died for us; He knows our names.
“To say it is humbling is an understatement. The individuals are so grateful for the care and attention they receive. It is so sad to see the large numbers of homeless in the Columbia area.
“I have reached out to the Blessed Backpack Brigade to see if we can team up to bring much-needed care to this area in the future.
“There was local coverage from Fox 57 news station.”