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Mentorships at Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy

Aug 10, 2021 09:01AM ● By Chuck Tashjian

Dr. Adelina Healy of Dudley and Risper Wanjuri of Webster.

CHARLTON -  The Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy Mentorship program has been a success. Dr. Adelina Healy of Dudley, and other faculty leaders teamed up with the Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy to implement a mentorship program that not only allows experienced nurses to guide practical nursing students, but to receive one on one mentorship.  
The Practical Nursing Class of 2021 consisted of 23 females. The overall goal is to give the graduates the opportunity to learn and receive mentorship from the experienced faculty to help lead them to a positive nursing journey both academically and clinically.  
The faculty and staff of the Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy were introduced to the cohort early on at orientation and acceptance ceremony with each faculty assigned as an advisor and each practical nursing (PN) student receiving an advisor and a mentor be it an alumnus or a peer mentor.  
Gretheline Bolandrina, DHA, MSN Ed, RN, CRRN Academy Director says, “this is a great way to connect with the future nurses, bring the community together, and provide nursing students with support and guidance.”  
Risper Wanjiru of Webster stated, “Dr. Healy has been an influential figure in my clinical practice as well as in my nursing journey. As a qualified and experienced nurse, she has spirited my professional growth by commending my learning spirit and guiding me.” Wanjiru was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). She added, “Dr. Healy’s teaching style is an aspect I admired, as she considers all student nurse’s weaknesses and strengths. She is selfless, she sponsored the fee for my NTHS membership registration. I am forever grateful for her role in my professional growth, not forgetting the knowledge she shared with me.” 
The Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy faculty believes in being thoughtful and taking time to build strategic relationships with the student body. Everyone begins by identifying a viable mentorship relationship, creating regular touchpoints, understanding the culture, engaging with PN students early, and immersing everyone in the Academy’s events and curriculum.  
“We begin to engage the PN students as early as the orientation and acceptance ceremony and through various events on campus,” concludes Bolandrina. “Our leadership and mentorship program connects PN students with advisors and mentors and even provides insight into academic progression. These relationships are strengthened throughout their nursing journey, inclusive of job placements and networking.” Through engagement with the Bay Path community, students and alumni develop and become prepared to be successful in nursing. Fostering a culture of belonging, encouraging mentorship, and celebrating diversity at Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy is successful because of goal-oriented and actionable activities and experiences.