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The Yankee Express

Rendezvous with Rachel Revere

Join the Friends of Asa Waters Mansion as they host History at Play™, LLC Rendezvous with Rachel Revere™ on June 18, 6-8p.m., at the Asa Waters Mansion, 123 Elm St., Millbury. Reserved tickets only - $25.00. Please call 508-865-5528. All COVID restrictions apply and masks are required.
It is May 2, 1775, and Rachel Walker Revere has only heard from her beloved husband Paul once since his legendary midnight ride on the 18th of April. Still isolated from one another due to the siege of Boston, Rachel desperately creates a plan to safely take her children: six step-children from Paul’s first marriage and a newborn baby of their own, from the reach of the British Regular Army in Boston. In this program you will help Rachel, as she carefully considers the dangers and demands of each plan. Find out if Rachel is successful in her perilous mission to unite her famiy, amidst the wake of an American Revolution.