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Charlton City UMC Launches Food Pantry

Charlton City United Methodist Church recently launched a food pantry to serve members of the local community who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 
Called Manna, the new program operates Saturdays 10 am to Noon at the church on 74 Stafford Street in Charlton. A variety of staple foods are available, from canned food to pasta to cereal, along with household supplies like toilet paper and tissues. 
While most people take for granted being able to eat when they’re hungry, there are those in the community cannot do that: their cupboards are bare, or nearly so, and food insecurity has become a daily struggle for individuals and families.
Manna one of several community outreach ministries to fulfill the Charlton City UMC’s mission of “being a scriptural ‘good neighbor” and serve as a resource for the people in the community.