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Film Director Adam McKay Talks Satire on the Creating Dangerously Podcast

Brought to You by The Shawna Foundation, New Podcast Covers Film, Cult Art & Everything In Between
A new podcast “Creating Dangerously,” recently launched by The Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation, riffs on a 1957 lecture by the philosopher Albert Camus four days after he gave his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
What’s this all about? Camus said, “To create today means to create dangerously. Every publication is a deliberate act, and that act makes us vulnerable to the passions of a century that forgives nothing.” And the “Creating Dangerously” podcast gives those words new life with a modern twist.
With hosts Skip Shea, Patrick Bracken and Andrea Wolanin, we explore artists past and present who are doing their part to create dangerously to try to make sense of a world that often doesn’t make sense at all and still forgives nothing.
“It’s not a bleak as it sounds,” said producer Skip Shea. “We have a lot of fun discussing topics like satire or cult art. I think the creative process itself brings something positive to the world, even if the subject is as bleak as Picasso’s Guernica.”
“We recently interviewed film director and Oscar winning screenwriter Adam McKay (“Don’t Look Up,” “The Big Short,” “Vice”) about the importance of satire and it was a lot of fun. Plus we got to discuss Worcester a little too as Adam grew up there.”
Joined by hosts filmmaker Andrea Wolanin and actor/writer Patrick Bracken, topics and issues up for discussion include women who Create dangerously; cult and outsider art; subversive art forms and much more.
“We also give listeners some bonus episodes like the interview with Adam McKay; and poetry episodes where Tony Brown, the Poet Laureate of the Shawna Foundation, brings poems that reflect the themes of the recent episodes like the one directly related to Camus and his philosophy,” said Shea. “For that Tony chose Andrei Voznesensky’s Darkmotherscream.”
Fresh episodes of “Creating Dangerously” podcast are released at least three times a month and can be found on most of the major podcast platforms—Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio and Amazon Music.

Shea said, “In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, Little Steven Van Zandt said that ‘… we’re the only country in the world that thinks art is a luxury. Everybody else in the world understands that art is an essential part of the quality of life.’ I tend to agree. We hope ‘Creating Dangerously’ can help shift that.”
The mission of the Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation Inc. is to support young people, especially women, in filmmaking, performance arts and other artistic and cultural endeavors through financial assistance, collaborative fellowships, mentoring and educational opportunities. We established the Foundation in memory of Shawna, a creative and artistic young woman from Uxbridge who lost her life too soon and we strive to sustain her legacy of encouraging young people who live in the margins of society and yet have dreams and aspirations in the fields of film and performance arts.