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Peter Amorello Construction & Demolition Inc. & Concrete? Yes…Concrete!

A well-known name in quality construction services for over 100 years and recently featured in a WCRN AM830 Radio interview. 
Peter Amorello Construction & Demolition, Inc. has a simple mission – To provide quality and professional construction services.
Having his first job at 12 years old – Peter Amorello’s father would drop him off on the job site of the Worcester Galleria on Franklin Street. His job was to count trucks that would drop off material. At 9am break, his dad would bring him a donut and at noon he would send the lunch wagon to his location to make sure he was fed (and awake and doing his job), a fond memory for Peter. Fast forward to 1988 - learning all he could from the Amorello family business - Peter struck out on his own and opened Peter Amorello Construction & Demolition Inc. A growing company with trucks, excavators, and wonderful employees. Peter Amorello Construction & Demolition, Inc. is constantly bidding on site jobs and demolition projects. When asked what his biggest accomplishment was, he replied “I am not done yet”.
When Peter Amorello started his career in construction, I don’t think he ever dreamed of adding concrete to his repertoire. But here we are some 55 years in, and he not only owns one concrete company, he owns two. It started when Peter saw a need for smaller concrete pours for not only commercial use but for homeowners as well. “I was on a night job site in Boston and got a volumetric mixer to deliver small batch concrete and found it was cheaper than barrel trucks” he said. “I loved the concept, so, in 2011, I bought my first volumetric truck and Small Load Concrete, LLC. was born.”
“Small Load Concrete uses the finest blend of materials, sourced locally, and can deliver as little as 1 yard. It is mixed onsite to control slump (amount of water) reduce waste and save you time and money! And the result has been very favorable.”
In 2020 – during the height of the pandemic – New England Ready Mix LLC, which is a concrete batching plant in East Brookfield that services the Central and Western Massachusetts areas opened its doors.
When Peter purchased the plant, it needed a complete overhaul. In 3 short years he has transformed the property into a proper working plant and has started ramping up pours using add mixtures to alter the properties of the concrete for project specifications, New England Ready Mix, LLC. offers concrete in strengths from 2000psi to 5000psi as well as flowable fill.
“Now running three trucks on a daily basis we would like to get the word out to keep this operation running and expand into being the region’s leading concrete provider.” Peter said. “I intend to add more trucks and expand our Sales & Marketing team in the spring of 2024. We are on track to have another great year!”
If you need Construction, Demolition or concrete services, please reach out to us at 508-770-1200,, or, 774-757-0018 or email us [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]
You can also check out our Billboards - installed in 2 locations – Downtown Millbury and Route 20 Charlton.
And listen to our commercial on WSRS 96.1 on IHeart radio. Find us on Facebook too!