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Your vehicle collision needs to be treated inside and out

So you’ve got a new (or new-ish) car with all kinds of sophisticated equipment to keep you and your passengers safe. Equipment like forward collision warning , automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, parking assist/self-parking, back-up cameras or adaptive high beams, to name just a partial list.
What you may not realize is that if your car is in an accident, all these precision sensors, called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) need to be checked and possibly recalibrated to ensure they are still working as designed – even if the accident is not within the area of the installed equipment.
You should always confirm with your repair shop that all ADAS calibrations are properly completed after repairs to your car, according to Mike Ambrosino ADAS and diagnostic specialist at ADAS Diagnostic Solutions, 5 Southbridge Street, Auburn.
The explanation goes that the sensors are sort of like Christmas tree lights. If one goes, they all go; it doesn’t matter if everything looks alright from the outside of the vehicle.
And no one wants to be driving along unaware that the technology they rely upon is not working. 
ADAS Diagnostic Solutions works with body shops and car dealers who may not have the tools, the training or the knowledge on this type of recalibration.
Learning ADAS “involved a lot of education up front and a huge investment in equipment,” Ambrosino said. With ADAS, “we are making sure all these systems are lined up automatically. A lot of scan tools are involved, to give the customer peace of mind.”
“ADAS is not necessarily just for vehicles involved in a collision but also those in need of an alignment,” Ambrosino points out.
Since 2020, ADAS Diagnostic Solutions has been working with local repair shops to provide the calibration tools and knowledge needed for the relatively new sensors and systems.  We have created a process that uses a combination of original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket scan tools and diagnostic equipment, minimizes cycle time, eliminates inconsistent scheduling and communication, and most of all maximizes productivity in getting cars back to pre-accident condition. 
While operating primarily as a business to business referral, it’s fine to ask your collision repair expert to have your car checked by ADAS Diagnostic Solutions or even bring it in yourself, according to their service team. For information, email [email protected] or call 774-772-4803.