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New-look Hannaford in Uxbridge is a step into the future

New flooring is just one of the changes made in Hannaford Supermarkets’ complete revamp of its Uxbridge store on North Main Street.


Given Hannaford Supermarkets’ spectacular growth since its founding by Arthur Hannaford in Portland, Maine in 1883, it is not surprising that the company’s Uxbridge store has fared so well over the years.
Recently, a massive months-long remodeling of the Uxbridge Hannaford was completed, the first that many loyal customers, like Tim McKenna, who lives in town, can remember.

 The “new Hannaford” sparkles like a jewel from the moment a patron enters the produce section on through, right past the deli, right past the meat and fish counters and into the various aisles—all of which have been rearranged and freshened. The old floor was removed and replaced. The front of the store with a nifty self-checkout area is looking better than ever, and there are smiles on the cashiers and baggers as they ring up purchases.

It is appropriate that fruits and vegetables are the first items people see. Hannaford began as a produce store along the Portland waterfront and by 1920 was a leading wholesaler of produce in New England.
The company’s aggressive expansion philosophy paid off; in 1939, Hannaford expanded into the wholesale grocery business and in 1944 it opened its first retail outlet.
By 1960, it had constructed a 200,000-square-foot distribution center in South Portland.
On and on the growth went, through the 1970s and 1980s and into the 1990s when the company set down roots in the Southeast. In 2004, it bought nineteen Victory supermarkets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including Uxbridge, and converted them to Hannaford stores.
In 2016, Hannaford partnered with Delhaize and Ahold (owner of New England-based Stop & Shop) to create a new company, Ahold Delhaize.
The Hannaford story has been one of consistent dedication to customer service and repeated efforts to broaden its footprint.
Despite the overhaul of the Uxbridge store, which is located in a plaza on North Main St., customers are offering mixed reviews.
“In the end we are paying for it,” one woman said, as she left with a cart full of groceries on a Wednesday morning. She did not want her name used, and neither did another customer. “I wish the prices were better,” he said, as he placed his groceries in his hatchback.
Tim McKenna was more positive but as a loyal regular shopper at the Uxbridge Hannaford he also was honest about what has been done—and what could have been done differently.
“The Hannaford-to-Go should be on the other end of the building,” he said, pointing. “That’s where I thought they were going to put it.”
Mr. McKenna agreed that the parking lot is too small for the amount of traffic that comes in and out, but the lot is shared with other businesses.
“No one likes change,” he said. “We have to get used to it. Some people like it, some don’t.”

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