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Bay Path adds newborn assessments to the Nursing Program

Effectively training nursing students for real life-or-death situations is a difficult task. Nursing students rely on proper training for the necessary, life-saving techniques. Preparations for responding to emergencies include the basics of assessment skills. Nursing students at Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy now have a new tool that will give them a better idea of what it is like to assess a newborn and eventually, what it is like to respond to a visible, tangible medical crisis. 
Due to Dr. Ana Olivar’s innovative teaching style and methods, and funding from Perkin’s Fund Code 453 Grant, Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy was able to acquire Anatomy Lab Neonatal babies: Manikin boys and Manikin girls, which are life-like manikins that will provide students with experience in newborn assessments in a safe, controlled environment. Student feedback includes: “The newborn assessment was a great addition to our curriculum, I think that type of education is much more valuable than lecture by itself.” “The newborn assessment was very thorough and Professor Olivar made it fun! “
“Usually, nursing students read about the newborn assessments or listen to faculty presentations,” but with these neonatal babies, the nursing students will be able to learn through visual and tactile cues,” said Gretheline Bolandrina, DHA, MSN Ed, RN, CRRN, Academy Director. “These new babies are a valuable addition to our Nursing Program,” said Bolandrina. “It provides our students with a realistic assessment experience and prepares them for their future careers as healthcare professionals.”
A name reveal ceremony is being planned. Alumni are welcome and encouraged to participate. Gender-neutral names are being considered. However, the idea of alumni adopting babies to honor someone, be it faculty, peers, or family members is also being considered. In addition to honoring alumni, the PN staff and faculty wanted the students in the program not only to have access to something important to their overall training but to be engaged and involved in decisions, even simple ones such as naming the manikin. “We love that our alumni are supporting current cohorts even after they have left, continuing to recognize that nursing is vital to improving healthcare for all,” said Bolandrina. “We are extremely appreciative of the generosity of time, inspiration, and camaraderie from the alumni, and the opportunities it provides the current students in their practical nursing education,” concluded Bolandrina.  
Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy runs a 40-week, (10-month), full-time, Monday through Friday, evening program. The program begins mid-August and is completed in late June. Graduates receive a Practical Nursing Certificate and are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. The Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy is fully approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Health and Human Services Department of Public Health, Board of Registration in Nursing ( The Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy is accredited by the Commission on Occupational Education (