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A Great Notion: Books and more in Auburn

Courtney Alicia on the job at A Great Notion, a bookstore she owns with her husband Tyler.


In this, the age of the comeback of independent bookstores, Tyler and Courtney Galicia are happy to climb on board with the launch of A Great Notion at 65 Southbridge St. in Auburn.
Taking the name of their business from a Ken Kesey book title, “Sometimes a Great Notion,” the Galicia’s have transformed space that was previously occupied by a church into an emporium for new and used books and an assortment of merchandise.
“This is our retirement plan,” Ms. Galicia said on April 12th. That day is a ways off. Tyler Galicia is an English teacher at Uxbridge High School. Courtney has worked as a school adjustment counselor.
“It’s going really well,” Ms. Galicia said. A Great Notion opened February 18th. Store hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
As booklovers, the Galicia’s were looking for a spot to fulfill a dream of a store devoted to reading when they found their home. “We looked at this to get our feet wet” and decided it was just right.
“Tons of donations” of used books, as many as “two hundred a day,” are keeping A Great Notion well stocked. There is a children’s section. Inventory also includes such items as glassware, candles, stationary, bookmarks, artwork, some apparel and coffee and drinks and snacks.
The Alicia’s are especially proud of the connections they have already made, including one with the Auburn Public Schools that will enable them to start an after-school book club for kids. An initial such undertaking involved the six to nine age group.
They look forward to hosting events; among these, author appearances, musical presentations and more.
With the availability of “a 15% educator discount” and a “loyalty card” (every eleventh used book is free), the Alicia’s have put the pieces in place for success.
Call 508-373-2315 or email agreatnotionb[email protected] for further info on “books, community and goods.”
Contact Rod Lee at [email protected] or 774-232-2999.