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The Yankee Express

AHM offers the tank experience of a lifetime

The American Heritage Museum in Hudson invites all interested persons to enter to win a trip to The Tank Museum in England to ride the Tiger I Tank in 2024.
Ride on the last operational German Tiger 1 Tank at The Tank Museum in Bovington and also receive a tank-driving package at the American Heritage Museum.
The offer is part of the “Tiger and the Generals” 2023 fundraising sweepstakes at the AHM. The winner earns an incredible getaway, perfectly suited for the history lover, which will bring them first to the AHM for a day of tank driving instruction aboard the M4 Sherman and the M24 Chaffee tanks along with a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum. The winner will depart from Boston to London to travel to the premier tank and armor museum in the UK.
Buy your ticket(s) before May 30th.
Go to for all the details.
A World War II Tank Driving Experience at the AHM over the Memorial Day weekend will give visitors a chance to ride aboard or even drive a real tank from that conflict…the M24 Chaffee Light Tank or the M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank.
Being a crew member or driving a tank is not particularly comfortable. These metal beasts are all business, designed to go over most obstacles with ease and destroying another in their path. Once in a tank, it is clearly evident that you are driving a machine with great power.
From May through October, the American Heritage Museum will over tank riding and driving programs in the Chaffee and Sherman. You will be transported back to 1944 as you step aboard!