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Baby Brazilian Tapir joins Southwick’s Zoo family

Giraffes are an attraction at Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, and a baby Brazilian Tapir will be now too, with the opening of the season in early to mid April.

Southwick’s Zoo recently welcomed a beautiful Brazilian Tapir calf to the family.
At just over two months old, “Tutula” is the newest addition to Southwick’s array of wildlife. The female calf, born on January 4th after a thirteen-month gestation period, is easy to distinguish from the older herd members by her striking spotted and striped coat. This unique coat acts as camouflage for the young tapirs in the wild and will slowly shed as she ages.
Brazilian tapirs, also known as lowland tapirs, are a large hoofed species from South America. They resemble a cross between a pig and an elephant, but are more closely related to horses and rhinos.
One of the species’ most notable features is its long fleshy nose. A tapir uses its flexible snout when reaching to grasp branches and leaves. It also may use its elephant-like nose as a snorkel to breathe while submerged in water.
Guests will have the chance to visit baby Tutula when the zoo reopens for the 2023 season.
Southwick’s Zoo is scheduled to open by April 15th, or sooner, weather permitting.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate upon arrival.
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