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Webster’s Anglo Fabrics area to undergo redevelopment

The former Anglo Fabrics buildings in Webster are soon to become the focus on a major redevelopment project.


Yes, it’s really happening. The former Anglo Fabrics mill buildings are on the verge of a renaissance right here in Webster. After a major clean-up effort by former owner, Chris Robert, the properties were recently sold to an investment firm of local business partners from the greater Worcester area. The plans sound fascinating and will be a definite positive for the North Village section of the town. 


Rita Flagg of Meadow View Realty in Harvard brokered the transaction and is also scheduled to present the upcoming construction facts to the Webster/Dudley/Oxford Chamber of Commerce at the organization’s January meeting. 
“It will be a four-phase development project,” said Ms. Flagg, “the buyers who were interested in the area are developers who saw the future for the former Anglo Fabrics property. Mr. Chris Robert of Webster had done a major clean-up of the area and upgraded the buildings to make them suitable for development.”
“In the 1980’s I had lived at 13 Pearl Street with my mom,” said Rita, “I had an affection for the area and when this parcel fell into my lap I was only too eager to see it brought to a great opportunity for the town of Webster. The buyers have a long-term commitment to see this project come to a great conclusion.”
The new owners worked with Edgewater Construction, a design/build corporation that caters to the needs of developers. Their strengths are in the areas of conversion of older buildings. Epsilon Consulting also plays a role in assisting to qualify the buildings for state and federal tax credits that then allow these monies to be re-used for refurbishing the projects they are involved with. Epsilon will help with loans and other needs as the project moves forward.
Phase One of the project is quite simple, a walking path that will take a route along the French River and around two sides of the development. The path will be animal friendly and offer the use of clean-up bags for those who choose to walk their furry friends. The walkway will wind along with river views and present a relaxing environment for all walkers. There will be beautiful landscaping and shade structures like pergolas for a peaceful respite. 
Phase Two will consist of the major construction of 46 apartments to be leased at market rates. Two-bedroom apartments will encompass 70% of the construction, 20% will be one-bedroom apartments, and 10% will be three-bedroom. “Hopefully, a bakery will be a major part of the project,” said Ms. Flagg, “I want to bring the aromas of what I knew in my childhood. A bakery would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to seeing a few attractive and appealing cafes and restaurants pop up along the riverfront.
“In Phase Three there is discussion of a small hotel to cater to the local area of Webster, Dudley, and Oxford. It’s very exciting to have such a project in this area. It will be a great asset to Webster and the local towns.
Phase Four, which involves a cluster of smaller buildings, will include shops and, hopefully, more apartments. Perhaps a small shopping district. These buildings will be no more than two stories with apartments above the shops.”
The general public will surely get a good review of the new Webster development plans at the next Webster/Dudley/Oxford Chamber of Commerce meeting this month when Rita Flagg will be the keynote speaker.   

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