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Webster Supt. Dr. Ruthann Petruno-Goguen looks to retirement

Dr. Ruth Petruno-Goguen’s career as superintendent of schools in Webster is drawing to a close.


It seems like just yesterday when Webster’s School Committee chose Dr. Ruthann Petruno-Goguen as its new superintendent. Her six years as the town’s school administrator have sped by like the crack of a lightning bolt. Superintendent Petruno-Goguen is retiring. Her last day as school manager will be March 3, 2023.
“It’ll be a sad day and a happy day,” said Dr. Petruno-Goguen. “My family will be happy but this community has become part of my heart and soul. I am so proud of all the work everyone in our school system has accomplished as a team. Our teachers, aides, office staff, school committee, counselors, cafeteria personnel, maintenance crew, and especially our parents are all to be commended for their valuable part in making this school system the best it can be. Teamwork is key to helping our students get the best education we can give them.”
Her influence and accomplishments will remain, however, for years to come. Time and hard work have passed quickly for Webster’s school management, teachers, and support personnel and their achievements have been many. There has been an enormous amount of student development since Superintendent Petruno-Goguen has taken the helm. Among her many accomplishments are instructional practices and teacher development. The Bartlett High School building project is another positive achievement voted on by a majority of the town’s residents who believe in a safer and better brick-and-mortar learning environment for their children.
“I’m grateful for my time here and for working to make change to benefit our students,” said Dr. Petruno-Goguen, “it’s a very hard position and I’ve been a superintendent for twelve years with six of those years here in Webster. We’re a turn-around district and we’ve done great work. I’m so very proud of all we’ve accomplished.”
During Dr. Petruno-Goguen’s tenure, there have been many changes in the areas of curriculum renewal with new instructional materials based on English, math, and the sciences; professional teacher development to meet diverse student needs; and improvement of high school student programs that provide many opportunities for college pathways. The superintendent was quick to point out that Webster’s students, teachers, and support personnel went above and beyond during COVID with a much better than average student participation. 
“Our Mapfre Insurance Company partnership for our junior and senior high school students is a great success,” stated Dr. Petruno-Goguen, “our One Goal program, which works with students to help them achieve college degrees, has been very successful where 100% of those students moved on to college educations. Our community outreach through our North Village program, our teamwork with the Samuel Slater Museum, and our Mapfre alliance have been just some of our school system successes. Our innovation pathways in the bio-medical fields have been a great student accomplishment. Bartlett students participated in a STEM competition and took 3rd place in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ dentistry field. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments.”
One thing’s for sure, the halls of Webster’s school system will be silent for some time after Superintendent Ruthann Petruno-Goguen’s departure. She will be greatly missed for all that she’s given to this town and its school system. Her stamina, strength, successes, efforts, and never-ending optimism for the goodness and well-being of all those she touched, student and staff alike, will now be added to the history of the Webster school system. We will miss you dearly, Superintendent Petruno-Goguen, and hope you will continue to have a very sweet finish here in Webster for all that you have given us. You’ve been through trials and errors, ups and downs, frustrations and joys, and your accomplishments have been many. We can only hope your successor will bring the same grace and professionalism that you have blessed our school system with. Best wishes for continued success through March 2023 and may all kindness and honor be yours for the future!  
“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
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