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Webster sewer rehab underway


The town’s sewer system rehabilitation project began in late spring and is an ongoing development aimed at eliminating storm water drainage into the town’s sewer system.
“This project will help to decrease the large amounts of rain water that have been seeping into our town’s older sewer pipes,” said Tom Cutler, Water and Sewer Superintendent. “This plan entails slip-lining sewer pipes with PVC liners and sewer pipe spot repairs thereby reducing rain water leaching into our sewer pipes so that the extra sewer plant treatment is unnecessary. It is more expensive for our sewer plant processes when rain water flows into our sewer system. After a heavy rainstorm our expenses might increase from $6 million to $15 million. This excess water in our plant can cause overflows that will wash everything into the rivers and streams and with state and federal regulations so strict, we have to eliminate such situations from occurring.” Cost savings will be realized by the town’s taxpayers. 
Construction for the $1.22 million project began on May 24, 2022 and is part of the American Rescue Plan Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 11, 2021. 
According to Mr. Cutler, when large rain storms hit the area, the excess water seeps into the ground and then seeps into the aging sewer pipes. Manhole and sewer main inspection with remote cameras determined the extent of necessary work and resident impact is low. Inspections are almost complete and the following streets are in process of rehab or are on the current list: Aldrich, Ash, Boyden, Boyden Street Extension, Brandes, Brook, Brook Street Extension, East Main, and First Streets. Also, Grenier and Klebart Avenues, Kosmas Street, Lake Parkway, Lincoln Street, Nipmuck Lane, Park Avenue, Perryville Road, Poland Street, School Street, Stephen Drive, Third Street, Thompson Road, Upland Avenue, Valley and Whitcomb Streets. 
The rehabilitation process includes the cleaning and lining of 12,100 feet of pipe and selected excavating of spot repairs. Conclusion of the first phase is expected in November and the second phase should be completed by next August. 

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