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LMT Oil Delivers With Community Involvement

Company president Thomas Dolan named the company after his three children; Lillian, Madison and Thomas

LMT Oil is not new to Charlton and surrounding areas.
The company has been delivering goods and services for the past six years, but owner Tom Dolan has been doing service work on heating systems and air conditioners for 11 years.
The company is small — with six employees — and family owned, and loves being part of the community. 
“We are a small, family owned business but we are always looking to grow with our community, so we are always looking for experienced help,” said Holly Dancause.
LMT Oil delivers home heating oil, and also does service on heating, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps. They do installations as well.
But delivering oil isn’t the only part of the business they love.
“We love being part of the community. Because we live in this community, as well, we get to know our customers, which creates a more personal relationship with them. Tom‘s kids, who the company is named after, go to our local schools, so he likes to be able to give back to the school community by making donations each year. He donates money to a classroom each year to purchase books every month for each child from the Scholastic Book Club,“ said Dancause.
One recent challenge has been the increase in prices over the last year.
“It’s been difficult for everyone, especially our customers. We have done our best to keep our prices low so we can be more affordable to our customers. Unfortunately with the rising cost of home heating oil as well as the diesel we need to transport to customers, it has made it difficult. We have encouraged customers who are considerably concerned about this upcoming winter’s prices to consider applying for Fuel Assistance through the Worcester Community Action Council. We do accept Fuel Assistance customers,” she said. 
LMT Oil can be reached by phone at 508-434–1335.