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New entrepreneur joins Charlton business scene with a bang

Dogs are an important part of Randy Lebeau’s life, but so too are his growing interests in making his mark in the business world with Charlton Laundromat and companion ventures.

By Rod Lee

As one of the town of Charlton’s newest businesspersons, Randy Lebeau is setting his sights high.
Mr. Lebeau just turned twenty-nine years of age and he also recently closed “on my plaza and the Charlton Laundromat” on City Depot Road.
 A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who served with the Corps’ Engineers in Okinawa, Korea and the Philippines, he is only just beginning his entrepreneurial journey.

 The interior of Charlton Laundromat & Cleaners on City Depot Road, recently upgraded by Mr. Lebeau.

“I got a five-year lease signed for George’s Pizza and next month I’m getting a five-year lease signed for a tattoo shop,” he posted on Facebook on April 20th.
“Stop talking about your next move and do it.”
Mr. Lebeau, who lives in Webster, readily acknowledges a restlessness for the next big thing.
“I’m putting in a lot of updates at the laundromat,” he said on May 4th. “The previous owner kind of neglected it. My goal is to just keep building and moving forward, maybe storage units. It’s all I do all day, is think of what business I want to start next. You have to stay busy.”
Mr. Lebeau’s latest inspiration is to launch a nonprofit and he is looking for tips and advice on how to get such an organization going.
“I’m reaching out to people about that, a 401c3,” he said. The objective in this venture would be “cans for vets,” in which recyclable donations would be used to help veterans afford the costs of visiting his laundromat.
“I already get vets and first responders, police and firefighters, in here, to do laundry. I’d like to be able to provide them with washes and dries. I’m hoping to engage other businesses in making this happen.”
Although he has left the Marine Corps, the Corps “never leaves you,” he says, and he is putting what he learned in the military into improving Charlton Laundromat with such initiatives as drop off and pick up the same day, wash-your-clothes-Wednesdays and reminders that wash, dry and fold can be “a tax write-off for businesses.”

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