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The Yankee Express

Help tell the story of newly opened Samuel Slater Experience Volunteers needed

Slater Experience Guides are volunteer hosts of the Samuel Slater Experience (SSE) who support and enhance visitors’ experiences throughout their tour of the museum.
As knowledgeable emissaries, they greet visitors, assist with self-guided tours, supply transitional and anecdotal information for each exhibit, explain the digital technology and techniques used, and answer specific questions about the Samuel Slater story, the founding of Webster, and the history of the Samuel Slater Experience.
Slater Experience Guides are expected to share an interest and enthusiasm for the history of the American Industrial Revolution and the town of Webster. They should have good people skills and the ability to actively interact with children, school groups, and adults in public speaking settings.
Volunteer Experience Guides are asked to make a one-year commitment and be available for at least two 3-hour shifts per month during SSE’s hours of operation, including at least two weekend days each quarter. 
SSE will provide periodic training sessions covering all aspects of the museum, the technology, and the building. Slater Experience Guides must be able to attend Slater Experience Guide Orientation and Training and are expected to review additional material as periodically provided or approved by SSE in order to stay up to date on any changes, additions or deletions, and to broaden their knowledge of our mission.
Experience guides will receive a family pass for free entry to the museum during their tenure as volunteers. They will receive a 20% discount in the gift shop, a 20% discount on event rentals, and invitations to special events. 
For an application form, contact Reanna Kuzdzal at 528-461-2955 or email [email protected]. Ap