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Something for everyone - “the little vintage studio” opens its doors in Sutton

Michelle Brown, owner of ‘the little vintage studio’

By Amy LeClaire
Michelle Brown, owner of “the little vintage studio” of 25 Providence Road, Sutton, had driven by her new location a million times before she decided to stop and inquire about the possibility of setting up shop. The building landlord, Donald Thurber, embraced the opportunity to breathe life to an idea that began ten years ago, while Michelle had rented booths at Barnet’s Antiques of Uxbridge and Off the Common Antiques of Grafton. It was finally time to take the next step and have her own place.

 tasteful displays of new and old items

“I wanted to have my own shop to play with lighting and music and create a space to become a favorite spot for people to stop in, pamper themselves, or shop for a home item.” 
The little vintage studio, as the name implies, has a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of new and upcycled items to choose from. The studio reflects Michelle’s creative passions, and includes: furniture pieces, Crate & Barrel dishes, wooden spoons and kitchen utensils, high quality teas, French soaps, second hand hand-bags and sweaters, fashion jewelry (malachite and other gemstone earrings and rings), indoor floor mats, and paintings. The ambience is sensual and soothing, scented with handcrafted EV + Yarrow candles (created by Littleton vendor, Michelle Faust) and accented by lovely pillows, and artistic displays.

 Something for everyone - the little vintage studio.

“Everyone has their favorite shopping place. It’s all about the journey—the scents, the lighting, the songs played and the hunt for something old or new. I’d like to be that favorite spot for people to unwind and see what’s new.” 
Stop in to see Michelle and see what’s new at the little vintage studio. 
Hours of operation: Friday:  11- 3 PM; Saturday:  10 – 4 PM;Sunday:    11 – 3 PM
The little vintage studio is located on 25 Providence Road, Sutton.