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Mickey’s: a nifty car wash and a haunted adventure

Tammy Bourakis and her son Kyle Nigosian are proud partners in the new Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop.

By Rod Lee
Open since April, the new Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop in the Pleasant Valley Crossing plaza in Sutton is everything Tammy A. Bourakis and her son Kyle Nigosian thought it could be before construction on the building began last July.
Customers of Mickey’s are just as pleased with the result.
“Someone told me yesterday they wouldn’t go anywhere else,” Kyle Nigosian said on the morning of September 13, as Customer Service/Car Wash Attendant Vahé Gurdjian prepped automobiles for their “glide” through the state-of-the-art 110’ tunnel.
Mickey’s features four different car-wash options:
-The Bubble Bath for $10, which consists of a foam bath, soft-touch wash and turbo dry.
-The Wheel Wash for $15: The Bubble Bath plus Wheel Brite, Polish and Poly Sealant.
-The Deep Clean for $19:  The Wheel Wash plus Under Carriage Wash, Triple Foam and Rust Inhibitor.
-Mickey’s Very Best for $24: The Deep Clean plus Polish (Synthetic Not Wax) and Ceramic Coat.
Add-ons are five dollars each.
The Wheel Wash, The Deep Clean and Mickey’s Very Best are available as “monthly unlimited wash” packages at $35, $45 and $55, respectively.
Mickey’s is a good example of how far the car-wash business has come in recent years, technologically. It provides the southern Blackstone Valley with a long-needed easily-accessed car wash and detail shop at 16 Galaxy Pass, at the intersection of Rt. 146 and Boston Road. Customers can pay by credit card a  convenient drive-through kiosks.  
While the office, detail shop, retail shop and pet wash are not yet open to the general public, the rest of the operation is fully functional and already generating daily traffic.
When it is up and running, the detailing component will feature two detailing bays, one of which can accommodate two cars at the same time.
A recurring monthly membership comes with free use of the vacuums. Yes, Mickey’s has vacuums that work, unlike those vacuums at some run-of-the-mill car washes that cost four quarters or more and either don’t turn on at all lack suction.
Ms. Bourakis and Kyle Nigosian are understandably proud of the pains they have taken to give patrons of Mickey’s a satisfactory experience.
“We have two sets of wheel blasters,” Mr. Nigosian said. “We prep the cars real heavy, every wheel individually with a power washer back and front.” The system is kind “to sports cars and vehicles with wide tires,” he noted.
“The biggest advantage is this track system,” Mr. Gurdjian said, of the “magic belt” that moves vehicles through the wash carefully and efficiently.
As partners, Ms. Bourakis and her son spent considerable time conceptualizing Mickey’s and that has carried over to how they will manage the enterprise going forward. An example of this is a first-ever “Mickey’s Haunted Car Wash Adventure” that will run for two weeks, starting October 15 through Halloween. “Guests stay in their vehicles the entire time and are guided through a path where they will encounter Halloween characters that will try to scare them,” the partners said. The event is family-oriented, exciting and suspenseful without “horror or terror” and will feature props, lighting and special effects, “especially in the tunnel car wash itself.”
Light sticks, candy, hot chocolate and popcorn will be offered.
Market 32 in the plaza and other retailers are participating in the event.
“We are promoting it on 100.1 FM The Pike, in newspapers, on social media and with flyers,” Ms. Bourakis points out.
The cost is $30 per car “and you get the $24 car wash with that,” Ms. Bourakis said.
“We bought tons of awesome stuff” for the haunted adventure, she said.
As the newest tenant in Galaxy Development’s Pleasant Valley Crossing, Mickey’s Car Wash & Detail Shop—and the family dog Mickey—have found a home.
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