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Unibank welcomes summer interns

UniBank 2021 Interns.jpg Photo Caption: UniBank’s 2021 Summer College Interns include: (L-R) Kate Labrie, Sophie Plouffe, Ben Potter, Mike Wickstrom, Jack Tessier, James Cannon, Trevor Ham, Derek Knobloch, Robbie Cannon.

WHITINSVILLE – On June 7, UniBank welcomed nine local college students to take part in the bank’s 2021 Summer College Internship program. The program, coordinated by UniBank’s Training and Development Manager Heather Kicelemos allows the interns to integrate knowledge and theory learned in their college classrooms to contribute to bank projects. The goal is for the interns to experience valuable applied experiences and make connections in the fields they are considering for their respective career paths.
Each intern has been paired with a mentor in their respective field of interest which includes Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Retail Administration, Credit, Sterling Associates, Commercial Lending, Compliance, and Community Reinvestment. They will work closely with their mentors on assignments and projects. While completing the designated assignments, the interns will be included in department and committee meetings and will be provided networking opportunities with other departments throughout UniBank. They will also have weekly interactions with the bank’s Senior Leadership Team.
UniBank’s 2021 Summer College Internship program interns include: 
•James Cannon (CRA) – Providence College, Management
•Robbie Cannon (Marketing) – Providence College, Marketing and Finance
•Trevor Ham (Credit) – Clark University, 2021 Economics and Management graduate/2022 MBA candidate 
•Derek Knobloch (Credit) – Bryant University, Finance and Applied Analytics
•Kate Labrie (Sterling Associates) – Bryant University, Human Resources 
•Sophie Plouffe (Finance) – UMass Amherst, Economics and IT
•Ben Potter (Compliance) – UMass Amherst, 2021 Finance graduate
•Jack Tessier (Commercial Lending) – Holy Cross, Economics & History
•Mike Wickstrom (Retail Administration) – Providence College, Marketing & Sociology
“It is quite exciting to see these students embarking on their summer internships with UniBank,” commented Michael Welch, UniBank CEO. “The teams they join from across the bank share in my excitement and are eager to work with these students. We are looking forward to a productive summer providing enriching experiences for our interns.”