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The Yankee Express

M & M Auto Body highly wreck-amended

L-R, Scott Milner and Ron Moscoffian in 1997 and then in 2021.

y Janet Stoica
Picture this, years ago, two first graders meet while attending Chaffee School in Oxford. They forge a friendship that lasts decades, hang out together, and promise to go into business as partners one day.
It really does happen, as Scott Milner and Ron Moscoffian of M & M Auto Body of Oxford can attest. With Lee Collins on their staff, Scott and Ron have partnered longer than most businesses. Through thick and thin, family milestones, and their own children, the partners’ longevity and business acumen have turned their humble beginnings into a successful and customer-appreciated enterprise.  
“Nothing leaves this shop until we’re 100% satisfied that we’ve done the best job possible for our customers,” said Ron Moscoffian, “it has to be done right and done well before we are satisfied. We’re a small shop but we do what’s best for our customers. We do it hands-on ourselves. If we’re satisfied and happy with the results, then our client will see that and be satisfied too.” 
M & M works on every model and make of vehicle out there. Their services include auto body repairs, painting, and collision services, including buffing, scratch, and dent removal as well as custom paint mixing to a customer’s request and specifications. Vehicle frame straightening is one of their specialties.  Have you ever driven behind a car or truck with a front end drifting off to its right side and its back end floating to the left?  Those vehicles definitely need the services of M & M’s frame-straightening expertise!  “I’ve seen those drivers on the road.  Looks like they’re taking up two lanes, doesn’t it?” Ron laughed.  
Many of today’s vehicles are lighter in weight than those manufactured even five years ago. “You’d be amazed at the amount of plastic in today’s vehicles,” said Ron. “The amount of synthetic materials in our cars and trucks is mind-boggling.” 
M & M works closely with many insurance companies. They’re a licensed, registered, and insured body shop and are also licensed vehicle appraisers. “We’ll attend vehicle auctions, carefully check the repairable ones, fix them up, and then sell them. We’re Dodge and Plymouth guys. We’ve been to many raceways watching Richard Petty and his Dodge and Plymouth vehicles of choice.” 

 The men like Mopar products. Mopar was founded in 1937 and is the parts, service, and customer care division of the former Chrysler Corporation now owned by Netherlands-based automobile manufacturer, Stellantis. 
Ron and Scott will be celebrating their 24th year as business partners this month. They began their business venture on April 1, 1997, fulfilling their first-grade pledge to each other. “There was a blizzard that day that we’ll never forget,” said Ron. “The snow, wind, and cold forged our partnership.”
The two have always been car enthusiasts and went to Bay Path Vocational High School to learn their trade in the auto body shop. Scott furthered his education in the service area along with truck driving and worked and managed auto body shops at Worcester dealerships. Cadillacs were his favorites. They were very spacious and made well, he said. Every year Anthony Borgatti (owner of the well-known and famous Spag’s Retail Store in Shrewsbury) would visit the dealership to trade-in and buy another Cadillac. “He was a great customer.” 
The crew has many projects and has also built many cars for auto shows. One of their steady customers is Harbro Auto Sales of Webster and Whitinsville. “We’re very honored to be part of Harbro’s success,” said Ron.
M & M Auto Body is at 7 Industrial Park Road, West, Oxford. Phone: (508) 987-7070. Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. – 12 noon.