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Berry apple crisp brims with heart-friendly ingredients


My original idea for this month’s column was different. But it’s been difficult not to notice all the germs swarming in the air lately. And while this recipe is just as crave-worthy as the one I’ll postpone featuring until next month, it’s an ideal breakfast, snack or dessert to eat while you’re sick.  
Berry apple crisp is probably one of the healthiest desserts you can bake. It’s brimming with heart-healthy ingredients, including apples, blueberries, oats and walnuts. Cinnamon also has antioxidant properties. And apples are believed to also be beneficial for lung health.  Additionally, having less added sugar and less fat makes this a dessert that can easily double as breakfast.
Blueberries are a superfood for many reasons. They’re certified by the American Heart Association to be a heart-healthy food – which, naturally, is great to eat while you’re sick. Loaded with antioxidants, they’re also believed to be beneficial in fighting cancer and in improving brain health. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research website, “Blueberries contain many phytochemicals and nutrients which show potential anti-cancer effects in laboratory studies.”
Finally, this a great recipe to make when you’re sick because of its simplicity. The crisp comes together quickly and easily. And there aren’t many apples to peel, so it even requires less effort to make the berry apple filling.

Berry Apple Crisp

2 Large Apples
2 Cups of Blueberries
¾ Cup of Rolled Oats
½ Cup Chopped Walnuts
1/3 Cup of Sugar
2 Tbsp. Flour (Plus 2 Tbsp. for fruit mixture)
2 tsp. Cinnamon
¼ Cup of Olive Oil

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
In a bowl, mix together everything except the apples and the blueberries.
Rinse, peel, core and slice the apples, and rinse the blueberries, and spread both, with 2 Tbsp. of flour on the bottom of a 9X9” baking pan/dish.
Distribute the crisp mixture evenly over the apples, and bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Let it cool a little, but serve it warm. Makes about 8 generous servings. 

  It’s obviously best to try to avoid getting sick.  But if you do, hopefully, this berry apple crisp will give you the comfort and antioxidants you need as you recover. Happy (healthier) baking!

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