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BVT Announces First Trimester Commendation List Acknowledging Academic and Vocational Achievements

Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School (BVT) has released the Superintendent-Director’s Commendation List for the first trimester of the 2022–2023 school year. To be named to the Commendation List, students must meet rigorous standards, such as maintaining a grade point average of 88 percent or above in each technical, related, and academic course for the trimester. To view the complete list, visit
The following students, grouped by grade level and hometown, were named to the first trimester Commendation List:

Class of 2023: Nicholas Cummings, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Hailey Davis, Construction Technology; Tyler Morin, HVAC&R; and Kaitlyn Mullen, Health Services.
Class of 2024: Ellen Franco, Information Technology; Sara Lewis, Engineering & Robotics; and Aiden Simpson, Information Technology.   
Class of 2025: Isabella Brancato, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Abigail Noyes, Plumbing; and Kiele Sarnie, Construction Technology.   
Class of 2026: Madyson, Voss, Biotechnology; and Justin Walsh, Biotechnology.              

2023: Evan Bouvier, Multimedia Communications; Daniel Cardone, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Brock Chapman, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; and Sophia Mazzuchelli, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication.
2024: Darshannie Francis Drackett, Dental Assisting; Brandon Labonte, HVAC&R; Julia Matson, Plumbing; and Luke Tellier, HVA&/R.
2025: Nathaniel Cook, Biotechnology; Braedon Ando, Culinary Arts; Paige Connolly, Culinary Arts; Mia DelVecchio, Culinary Arts; Keira Kelliher, Health Services; and Matheus De Carvalho, Plumbing.
2026: Jack Marino, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication.

2023: Griffin Beaulieu, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Kyle Forget, Engineering & Robotics; Murphy Potter, Painting & Design Technology; Megan Roe, Multimedia Communications; Brett Staples, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Julia White, Cosmetology.
2024: Laney Beahn, Engineering & Robotics; Zachary Beaudry, Culinary Arts; Jack Dooner, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Jonah Rosenkrantz, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Baron Sherry, Engineering & Robotics;  Sorcha Twohig-Mann, Health Services; and Chloe Vescio, Engineering & Robotics.
2025: Haley Chamberlain, Cosmetology; Kaylie Ciccone, Health Services; Justin Dooner, Engineering & Robotics; Tyler Grybowski, Information Technology; Cassady Hackett, Cosmetology; Braydin Levesque, HVAC&R; Emily Muniz, Engineering & Robotics; Om Patel, Engineering & Robotics; Samantha Pinto, Health Services; Evan Pupka, Culinary Arts; Jaden Roddick, Multimedia Communications; Addison Taylor, Health Services; and Willow Windoloski, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2026: Jayce Boyko, Automotive Technology; Maddison Dos Santos, HVAC&R; Caitlin Kelly, Health Services; Zachary Mitchell, HVAC&R; Sophie Rivard, Engineering & Robotics; and Bryce Sheldon, Engineering & Robotics.

2023: Juliana Errara, Health Services; Noah Mariano, Engineering & Robotics; Owen Mathieu, HVAC&R; and Henry Warfield, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2024: Caitlin Brown, Dental Assisting; Danica Fiore, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Skyla Jack, Construction Technology; Carlie Jensen, Painting & Design Technology; Soumith Madadi, Information Technology; Grant Purcell, Engineering & Robotics; Haleigh Reynolds, Dental Assisting; Ryan St. Angelo, Culinary Arts; Lily Turcotte, Construction Technology; and John Wingate, Engineering & Robotics.
2025: Steven Caya, Engineering & Robotics; Raghav Dave, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Rowan Hackett, Multimedia Communications; Nora Iadarola, Multimedia Communications; Christopher Joiner, Biotechnology; Ella McCann, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Brodie Remillard, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Carly Simpson, Health Services; and Daniel Warfield, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2026: Logan Black, Electrical; Douglas Kennedy, Engineering & Robotics; Kevin Magill, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Benjamin Miller, Engineering & Robotics; Cooper Often, Engineering & Robotics; and Delaney Waldo, Biotechnology.

2023: Hayle Ortla, Health Services; Jay Patel, Information Technology; and Jackson Staheli, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2024: Ashlyn Leonard, Health Services; John McShane, Construction Technology; Eleanor Poitras, Health Services; Avery Sanosi, Culinary Arts; and Mikayla Sanosi, Multimedia Communications.
2025: Kallie Allen, Biotechnology; Nathaniel Allen, Information Technology; Anthony Bucchino, Engineering & Robotics; Benjamin Catalogna, Information Technology; Eric Deppe, Engineering & Robotics; Connor Griffin, Electrical; Gabriella Griffin, Health Services; Declan Reilly, Information Technology; and Christopher Russell, Biotechnology.  
2026: Jason Abbruzzese, Engineering & Robotics; Isabella-Marie Adriko, Engineering & Robotics; Ella Foster, Engineering & Robotics; Evan Griffin, Information Technology; Ethan Novelli, Multimedia Communications; and Shiv Patel, Engineering & Robotics.

2023: Amanda Pajak, Multimedia Communications; Naomi Tsuda, Culinary Arts; and Natalia Vazquez, Engineering & Robotics.
2024: Tyler Clare, Information Technology; Noah LeFave, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Ava Lozeau, Construction Technology; and Arthur Tusoni, Multimedia Communications.   
2025: Kalynn Bellefontaine, Health Services; Samantha Fairhurst, Health Services; Leila Leyvas, Health Services; Kyle Miller, Electrical; and Abigail Scharnagle, Health Services. 
2026: Matthew Brennan, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Phoebe Burke, Engineering & Robotics; Yasmin Freitas, Health Services; Charles Lozeau, Engineering & Robotics; and Jacob MacDonald, Electronics & Engineering Technology.

2023: Jack Abbiuso, Information Technology; Jaclyn Bader, Engineering & Robotics; Zachary Barnes, Information Technology; Kaitlyn Beaudrot, Culinary Arts; Jason Cardente, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Colin Chambless, Engineering & Robotics; Dilon Costa, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Thays De Assis, Drafting & Design Technology; Lauren Gobbi, Dental Assisting; Ana Guaman, Construction Technology; Allison Kee, Health Services; Alya Lainez, Automotive Technology; Lyanna Pimentel, Multimedia Communications; Morgan Pitts, Health Services; and Joshua Schorn, Culinary Arts.
2024: Igor Freeman, Engineering & Robotics; Ashly Guaman, Dental Assisting; Benjamin Kinsella, Multimedia Communications; Joseph Manzi, Electrical; Hannah Murphy, Multimedia Communications; Leah Neves, Construction Technology; Anthony Persico, Information Technology; Thamyres Salviano, Health Services; Emma Sanborn, Painting & Design Technology, and Lizmary Vidal-Sanchez, Dental Assisting.
2025: Lacey Coffman, Multimedia Communications; Adriana Hawkins, Culinary Arts; Matthew Hunter, Biotechnology; Charbel Jebara, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Joel Puri, Engineering & Robotics.
2026: Ethan Dahmer, Biotechnology; Cecelia Dualu, Dental Assisting; Arieta Flanagan, Biotechnology; and Myles Guikema, Engineering & Robotics.

2023: Samuel Bazydlo, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Brianne Laudani, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Brooke Maguire, Health Services; and Natalie Rutkiewicz, Cosmetology.
2024: Ava Lawton, Engineering & Robotics; James Richert, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Isabella Rose, Health Services; and Emma Shum, Dental Assisting.
2025: Mason Diosomito, Engineering & Robotics; Ethan Ikeda, Construction Technology; Gianna Konisky, Engineering & Robotics;  Maya Lorion, Automotive Technology; Maeghan Plourde, Health Services; and Jayden Quang, Engineering & Robotics.
2026: Allison Garden, Engineering & Robotics; Lily Kelley, Multimedia Communications; Giana Piscitelli, Construction Technology; and Isabella Raymond, Health Services.   

2023: Joshua Platt, Information Technology.
2024: Violette Durand, Culinary Arts; and Trey Kovolyan, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2025: Julia Trujillo, Health Services.
2026: Genevieve Kovolyan, Health Services; and Ayden Mendes, Painting & Design Technology.

2023: Riley Driver, Electrical; Sam Grilli, Drafting & Design Technology; Emily Hourihan, Culinary Arts; Maya Laydon, Construction Technology; Noah Malkasian, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Gradie Sanford, Drafting & Design Technology; and Emily Wildfeuer, Drafting & Design Technology.     
2024: Logan Feehan, Painting & Design Technology; Izamar Laboy Villegas, Information Technology; Lily Marshall, Dental Assisting; Ella Rogozenski, Engineering & Robotics; Bridget Roy, Culinary Arts; Brandon Spiller, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Jonathon Spiller, Painting & Design Technology. 
2025:   Perry Derkosrofian, Construction Technology; Sosie Derkosrofian, Health Services; Zabel Derkosrofian, Information Technology; Abigail Dineen, Dental Assisting; Faith Ellis, Multimedia Communications; Conner Gomez, Engineering & Robotics; Haden Houatchanthara, Plumbing; Mara Keane, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Dylan Leeds, Engineering & Robotics; Haley Marston, Dental Assisting; Markas Petone, Health Services; Isabella Reed, Biotechnology; Sean Russo, Information Technology; Eva Schairer, Health Services; Scarlet Sergel, Dental Assisting; Alexa Seward, Engineering & Robotics; and Addison Snow, Culinary Arts.
2026:  Isabelle Balon, Biotechnology; Aidan Naughton, Information Technology; Benjamin Rivelli, Plumbing; Allegra Sadik, Health Services; and Adalynn Wooster, Cosmetology.

2023: Benjamin Judson, Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing; Samuel Judson, Drafting & Design Technology; Haley Kirouac, Engineering & Robotics; Ryann Lombardi, Health Services; and Colin Medeiros, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2024: Kylie Carlsen, Multimedia Communications; Christopher Gubbins, Construction Technology; Julianna Hawley, Multimedia Communications; and Peyton Nolan, Multimedia Communications.
2025: Emma Cliadakis, Culinary Arts; Morgan Gervais, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Benjamin Hicks, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Tyler Houlihan, Health Services; William Kelly, Construction Technology; Madison Malo, Dental Assisting; Caroline Martin, Engineering & Robotics; and Jaren Peckham, Construction Technology.

2023: Julia Bern, Construction Technology; Jack Dunham, Health Services; Bradley Lyon, Drafting & Design Technology; Jason Nguyen, Dental Assisting; Amelia Rouleau, Construction Technology; and Katelyn Steele, Engineering & Robotics;
2024: Andrew Adams, Drafting & Design Technology; Jacob Giancola, Engineering & Robotics; Brian O'Connell, Automotive Technology; Robert Poirier, HVAC&R; Logan Rae, Health Services; and Laith Shloul, Electrical.     
2025: Samantha Carroll, Information Technology; Eric Dunham, Engineering & Robotics; Kylie French, Painting & Design Technology; Cassidy Lyon, Health Services; Jack Nealley, HVAC&R; and John Simas, Electronics & Engineering Technology.
2026: Thomas Bailey, Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing; Justin Fransen, Engineering & Robotics; Jack Lupien, Electrical; Ryan May, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Van Richard, Engineering & Robotics.     

2023: Isabel Cahill, Multimedia Communications; William Crosby, Painting & Design Technology; Isabella Gannon, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Maxwell Guyton, Engineering & Robotics; and Sunny Moscatelli, Cosmetology.
2024: Yara Alomar, Health Services; Kali Bly, Cosmetology; Savannah Brodeur, Cosmetology; Noah Cahill, Engineering & Robotics; Caterina Corapi, Engineering & Robotics; Micah Deary, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Trevor Horgan, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Sean Knox, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Grace Mathieu, Engineering & Robotics; and Marissa Osimo, Health Services.
2025: Alexi Cox, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Samuel Kirby, Electrical; Mikaela Swanson, Biotechnology; and Stephanie Zaitoun, Engineering & Robotics.     
2026: Gabrielle Gannon, Engineering & Robotics; Veronica Jordan, Health Services; Daniel Noel, Engineering & Robotics; Khari Torku, HVAC&R; and Parker Waugh, Electronics & Engineering Technology.

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