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Webster voters OK Bartlett High renovation funds, 1095 yes to 611 no

Webster Superintendent. of Schools Ruthann Goguen.


It’s official, at the June town meeting and ballot voting thereafter, 1,706 Webster voters came out in full force to vote pro-renovations for Bartlett High School.
  At the original May town meeting, the renovation question required a 2/3 majority to pass. When it did not pass, the opportunity to have the Mass. School Building Association (“MSBA”) pay 55% of the renovation costs would have folded up completely without another chance to request funds for at least five more years and without any guarantee that any further grant money consideration would even be made.
  Bartlett High School had been asking the MSBA for funding for at least five years without success as it must compete with all other schools in the state for the monies available likened to a lottery as each school awaits a decision by the MSBA based on need and funds available. Large repairs like the heating system and roofing had reached the end of their life expectancy and were in need of complete replacement as ongoing upkeep and repairs could no longer sustain their viability.
  The MSBA grant along with taxpayer funding will now allow the high school to be brought up to state educational/learning environment standards and fire and safety codes for the benefit of the high school students, faculty, and additional personnel.
   Webster’s School Superintendent, Ruthann Goguen, stated “I would like to thank the community for sharing their opinions through their votes. I am pleased the Webster community did not lose the $51 million grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority.  This grant took many years to get and it will assist the community with the costs of this renovation project. Through this renovation project we are now able to further advance the educational programming we offer our students. With this redesign of the existing building, students will have access to classrooms and science labs that meet state standards. In addition students will have learning environments where they can become more involved in hands-on learning. The renovation plans include an Advanced Manufacturing Lab, a Health and Human Service Lab, a Maker Space, and a Media Center. I would like to thank the community for supporting the further advancements of the educational programming and improving the learning spaces for our students!”

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