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Bay Path practical nursing students start donation drive despite pandemic

Marylee Panient, PN Class of 2022, had the opportunity to assist a patient’s family and a community in Cuba

CHARLTON - Providing prudent nursing care is what Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy students master in ten months however, service learning is also a focus.  
Helping members of the community who are in need has been a tradition for the practical nursing students and faculty at Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy since 2013.  Random acts of kindness and organized activities allows practical nursing students to help the needy. For the current cohort, through the efforts of Marylee Panient, the PN Class of 2022 had the opportunity to assist a patient’s family and a community in Cuba. According to Panient, “with the recent weather we are having, much of the community has been left in a vulnerable state as well as economic struggles and desperate need.” The PN class of 2022 and Bay Path Practical Nursing Academy alumni, faculty, and staff were able to donate personal Hygiene supplies ( Toothpaste/Toothbrush, soap, adult & baby/newborn diapers, etc.), Adult briefs, clothes (male/female of any size), blankets, canned goods, OTC medicine ( such as APAP, Ibuprofen), entertainment/ toys, and supplements (such as Pediasure). 
“We were able to include everyone in the effort, but much credit goes to the Practical Nursing students for their caring heart and compassionate spirit,” Gretheline Bolandrina, DHA, MSN Ed, RN, CRRN Academy Director explained. The previous years, the PN students helped many children through the UNICEF club. “This year, PN Class of 2022 wanted to do more even with COVID-19, rather, especially with COVID-19. The pandemic makes it clearer how much we need to be helping those in need,” Bolandrina said. 
The practical nursing students remain masked in class and continue to keep their distance. Not very different from last year, and the passion to help, the love and compassion remain the same. Service learning during the pandemic is more meaningful than eve