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The Yankee Express

Finding Home

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed a bunch of things for our business. Fortunately, our family has found a way to make the changes have a positive impact on our business, our family, and our staff.
We welcome another positive impact to our farm: Diana Whittier is promoted (officially, finally) to Farm Store Manager. Diana recently graduated from Becker College with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Pre-Physical Therapy.
We’ve been readying for Diana to join the team full time for many months now. Last March, Diana’s part-time job at a local physical therapy office was put on hold due to the pandemic. When Whittier Farms decided to have our non-family members stay home out of an abundance of caution, Diana joined her parents Wayne and Mary, and sister Samantha in the farm store. If you called in an order last spring, you most likely spoke with Diana; she offered you comfort and helped you work your way around the farm store right from your kitchen. Over the last few months, Diana has worked at the farm store while completing her studies at Becker and competing in her final collegiate soccer season. While at the farm, she prioritized getting to know your families, our products, and bringing out the best in our farm store. It was these new found connections with you and your families as well as a renewed appreciation for her surroundings at the farm and the responsibility to the animals and land that showed Diana her future could actually be right here at Whittier Farms. Diana hopes her role as store manager allows her to build upon the already good customer service at Whittier Farms. She is looking forward to showing current and new staff members how important and impactful excellent customer service can be and doesn’t want anyone to have a bad experience at the farm. Diana is also going to balance her passions by working part-time with personal training clients through a local gym.
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