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Chuckie is still searching for his furever home

Apr 23, 2021 04:02PM ● By Chuck Tashjian
We are sad to report that Chuckie has come back to Dog Orphans. Over the last few weeks the children in the home started showing signs of being allergic to him. Mom tried everything to help soothe their symptoms but they are very young and limited to what they can have. It became unfair to the kids. While in the home Chuckie also started to show signs of being very dominant over the younger of the two kids, who was one. He would get jealous for attention and snap at him. That being said, Chuckie’s new home needs no young children (teenage and up) and no other pets as he does not like cats and can be dog selective. Chuckie’s return did not have to do with his potty habits.
This is Chuckie. Chuckie is a 2-1/2 year old mix breed weighing about 30 lbs. and is now full grown. Chuckie has had a challenging journey prior to coming to Dog Oprhans. Chuckie and his friend Zorro (who has been adopted) were thrown out on a busy highway like they were garbage. Chuckie unfortunately got the worst of this horrible act. Chuckie had been hit by several cars on this busy highway. He was not hit just once, not twice, but three times. Chuckie was left for dead. No one cared to stop for him. No one offered help to stop traffic from hitting him again and again. Those who had hit Chuckie just kept on driving as if it was nothing. Chuckie was looked at as just another worthless stray dog.


But, our partner rescue in Georgia got Chuckie to safety and had him examined by their vet. To everyone’s surprise, Chuckie had no broken bones and escaped this horrible episode with just some road rash. The vets in Georgia cleared him for adoption and the rescue team sent him up north to us at Dog Orphans. We then placed Chuckie in a wonderful home where we thought it would be his last stop. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Once in his new home Chuckie had shown signs of having issues going potty. It was as if he didn’t know he had to go to the bathroom. He had challenges trying to go “number two” properly. He couldn’t stand to poop and would fall over or start running as he tried to relieve himself. Chuckie needs assistance to go number two. You have to hold his back end up so he can relieve himself properly and not make a mess on accident
  So when Chuckie returned, we took Chuckie to our vet for further x-rays and testing. It turns out Chuckie’s spine is a little crooked now as a result of being hit several times. Those injuries have caused neurological damage to his spine and nerves. Chuckie is now unable to position himself like a normal dog to poop and when he tries to lift his leg Chuckie falls. The muscle strength is there, but the nerve damage is enough to cause him to become unbalanced.
  Now knowing all of this, we are afraid no one will want to adopt Chuckie. Who is going to want a dog that will require extra attention, learn his body language when he has to poop and possibly have him in a diaper? Who wants to be in that position for the rest of Chuckie’s life? But it is spring and we believe there is a home out there for a dog like Chuckie. He may be special needs physically, but this boy has the absolute best personality and is so full of love. He is always so happy to see people and rolls over immediately for belly rubs while smiling and crying softly out of excitement. If he could snuggle with his humans 24/7, he absolutely would. But don’t let that snuggle bug fool you. Chuckie loves his toys like no other. Chuckie could chase a ball for hours, throw his stuffies in the air and catch them over and over again. His neurological issues do not slow him down one bit. He may have a silly gate to his back legs when running and walking, but he has found a way to run and play just like every other dog. Chuckie cannot live with cats, and can be dog selective. That being said, Chuckie needs to be the only pet in the home. What we feel and believe is that all Chuckie wants is love, attention within the right home and that special owner. Chuckie has those eyes that can suck you right in. We know Chuckie will have some challenges, but if everyone could just share Chuckies story even once, well... we may be he will finally land his furever home!
If you are interested in Chuckie please give Dog Orphans a call 508-476-1855.