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PT Pet Supply & Grooming Salon grows as it gets back to basics

Mar 10, 2021 10:06AM ● By Janet Stoica*

Yolanda has done Husky rescue. Isaiah, in this photo, was adopted by Renee and her husband. They visited once in a while and Isaiah lived a great life until he was 16.

In early 2020, before COVID became a household word, Yolanda DeGaetano had been seriously thinking about closing the business she had established in Webster 16 years earlier, PT Pet Supply & Grooming Salon.

“The craziest thing is that business was down 50%,” she said, “I only had one employee and then COVID happened. I told my husband ‘we’re done,’ as this store is our only income.” Yolanda’s husband is a stay-at-home dad caring for their special-needs son.

Adding to the turmoil, her brother had suddenly passed away; it was a very emotional time. 

One of the employees holds a kangaroo from Records & Burpee’s Petting Zoo.


After COVID struck, however, PT Pet Supply’s business suddenly increased. “It was certainly the opposite of what we expected,” Yolanda said, “and so far, it’s still busier than it was in the past four years, so I can employ more people.”

She explained that before the COVID crisis, she could barely afford to pay one employee and now with the business increase, she can employ six. “We are unhappy about the current health situation, but we are so grateful that our business has weathered the storm. We are getting back to our roots where we began 17 long years ago.”

PT Pet Supply specializes in quality all-natural foods. “We’ve gotten back to our original ideas and offer our customers and their pets unique natural products that you will never find in chain stores. In the past two years we’ve increased our pet food lines to include more high-quality goods like raw food for dogs and cats.”

She has added another freezer for those lines and now has three freezers filled with nutritious pet food. “These are clean products with only one, two, or three all-natural ingredients,” she said. “They are all as biologically appropriate as possible.”

Yolanda has expanded her grooming business too. She now employs three groomers, and all services are by appointment-only. They can do nail trims, ear cleanings, and sanitary shaves for pets who are unable to groom themselves in their remote areas. 

“COVID restrictions shut down our grooming area as it was deemed a non-essential service. We knew some of our customers’ pets needed specific grooming services to maintain their health, so we petitioned the state to allow us to groom. Eventually, by May 2020, we were allowed to help our customers’ pets and their owner’s relief was unmistakable. We had one dog who had developed a terrible medical condition due to the lack of routine grooming. We were able to relieve his condition with the grateful approval of his owner.”

Through the end of March 2021, PT Pet Supply and Grooming Salon is having a Paws-itivity Video Clip Contest! Using Instagram or their Facebook page, enter your 10-20 second video clip with you and/or your pet dancing using the song Champagne Night by Lady A. Check it out on YouTube and proceed.  The winner will receive a $50 gift card to PT Pet Supply and Grooming Salon.  

Yolanda and her business have supported many local worthy causes. They have worked with the Webster Animal Shelter and raised $1,500 for agility equipment used by long-term shelter dogs and helped raise funds for the Community Cat Connection, as well as Dog Orphans. 

They have gladly groomed many types of furry friends too, like baby kangaroos, monkeys, servals, cockatiels, bunnies, ferrets, and even guinea pigs. “We’re like that TV show Cheers,” says Yolanda. “When you come in here and we become friends, Everybody Knows Your Name.”

Yolanda’s irresistible enthusiasm comes through in the tone of her voice and the grateful comments she makes about her customers. It is especially rewarding to know that her business has turned a corner and that local customers now know what true assets she, her employees, and her outlet are to our community of pet owners.

PT Pet Supply and Grooming Salon is at 86 Worcester Road, Webster. Phone: (508) 943-9600. Hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; and Sunday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.